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Ranking the Players In the Private Race to Space

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Private Space: the Players Clockwise from top left: Planetary Society's LightSail-1, Scaled Composites' SpaceShipTwo under construction for Virgin Galactic, Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin capsule and SpaceX's Falcon 1 rocket.

The bustling private-space industry is full of big-dreaming, thrifty innovators. Here we've ranked 15 of the most serious contenders in order of their progress toward the goal of bringing cargo and human passengers to space.

In our subjective ranking, the companies furthest along appear first in the list, weighted with consideration for their ultimate goal: suborbit, orbit, the moon or beyond.

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And for a more in-depth look, take a sneak peak at our January issue cover story here.


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Comment by William Klepzig
Entered on:

To say the truth, NASA is using a model A  when the world should have a 67 mustang, or a corbra flying into space.  I watched the first satellite in space and I thought that by now the United States would have more then four over sized tin cans in space calling it a space platform.

I know that there are thousands, no millions of Americans not counting the billions from around the world who thought we would have the space station, a city on the moon and be starting a huge atomic pile drive to the stars.  In stead we have a model A that can hardly get to the space station and back.

I am calling for you to join with me in making a company, group that will finance the space station, moon city and space drive.  This is the real growth industry of this century.  Not health care, not stupid wars but private investors taking charge and going into space.

I need your help and education, knowledge and hopes.  Today, the little guy in the street can become the rock that sets mankind free.  Today you can begin the greatest growth industry the world has ever seen.  Today if you can see the future you can be the platform the fleet of ships needs to go into space.


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