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Dirty Freakin Hippies WERE RIGHT!

There's a black granite wall in Washington D.C. that bears 58,260 names on it. All of those whose names are carved on that wall are dead. For what? Freedom?

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Comment by Ken Sutter
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 Hey, I was in Vietnam. Even went to Cambodia. (firebase and grunt medic)Been awake ever since. The only legitimate war is to kill those who start all these contrived wars. Dabbled in the "hippie" thing when I got back. A few of their concepts were right but for the most part dead wrong on everythng else. I appreciate the lyrics but they state loud and clear you're a "newbie" into all this so keep studying.

Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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I wasn't a dirty freaking hippie, but I did march in anti-Vietnam War protests.  All that talk about stopping Communism was a front for propping up French colonialism.  You notice there's no more talk about stopping the spread of Communism now that we owe so much to China.  All the last four wars we've had in the Middle East has always been about oil, but now the claim is that we have to stop terrorism.  By the way, they lied us into Vietnam, Kuwait and Iraq.  You'd think we'd learn by now.

Comment by Anonymous
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>> All of those whose names are carved on that wall are dead. For what? Freedom?<<

No.  They died because of gross incompetence, arrogance, and a lust for political power, and the laziness of the American people.   For very much the same reasons those in Iraq and Afganistan die.

Ain't our Government great.

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