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The President in the Plastic Bubble

Barack Obama obliviously lives a sheltered life. But no one had a clue to level the president has been isolated from the real world. While it is common knowledge that all presidents have their team of “handlers” to help them deal with issues such as protocol and diplomacy, it has never been the handler’s role to isolate the president from reality. On the recent O & O Show [Obama and Oprah], Oprah asked the president to grade himself on the first year of his presidency. Like any child child asked about his progress in school, the President arrogantly gave himself a B+. Why a B+, you ask? His self-aggrandizing grade point came from these bullet points: * He has stabilized the economy. [As long as you ignore unemployment, foreclosures, bank failures, etc] * He prevented the possibility of another Great Depression. [As long as you ignore the deficit, national debt, a budget that

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