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Fractures in the Truth Movement, Part III The Fissure Becomes a Gulf

• Brandon Dean
As covered in part 1 of this series, the split between anti-zionists and those who equate anti-zionism with anti-semitism was blown wide open last April by Jason Bermas of Loose Change fame, while guest-hosting the Alex Jones Show. He accomplished this by berating a caller who had the audacity to ask about Jewish control of the Hollywood media. This split widened to a fissure with the firing of Jeff Rense from GCN’s radio network, with Texe Marrs writing an article critical of Jason Bermas, and with Nathaniel Kapner opening the debate on whether Alex Jones is a zionist shill–or just a useful idiot. Well, a new fissure has appeared between Alex Jones and those who honestly seek the truth in politics and history, which has been building gradually–along with the anti-zionist rift–since the forums were created in 2007. The two rifts, side by side, represent what has now become a gulf between the Alex Jones world and the rest of the war for truth and justice. As expl

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Comment by john cancorn
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Prison Planet Forum is a strange place. I like to read a lot of the articles and even some of the stuff Sane says in his posts is pretty good even though he constantly changes the name of threads to make them sound more sensationalistic. The problem with the place is after awhile it is pretty clear they are trying to steer your thinking only in a certain direction and if you ask tough questions they descend on you in numbers and attack, attack, attack. The tactics are very transparent so it makes you wonder what their agenda really is if they do not allow freedom of thought. 

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I don't even have to know what the argument is over to know that Alex can do what he wants with _his_ site.

As FreedomsPhoenix becomes more and more popular we will have the same problems. In fact the site upgrades being worked on now is certain to allow us easy access to block, remove, ban, censor, make fun of, promote, forward, delete whatever I, and others I designate, want to. This was _always_ the plan from the beginning.

I've been on waaaay too many forums and email lists that became useless due to a very few that craved the audience that had been built on philosophies different than their own.

Anyone that wishes to debate this issue with me can send me an email to Publisher- at -FreedomsPhoenix dot com so that we can set up a live interview on my radio show. And the only rule is,... 'the host _always_ gets the last word' :)


Comment by Anonymous
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 This is utter nonsense.  You claim to be libertarian but then are mad when someone exerts their own discretion over their own private property.  A hypocrite is what you are.

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