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Marijuana – Reefer Madness or Cure-all?

• Barbara H. Peterson - Farmwars
Why should a harmless plant that anyone can grow at home elicit such controversy. Why does the government care? Why criminalize it in the first place, and then keep it under control by regulating it after determining that people are going to use it anyway? The answer might lie in the fact that THC, which is the active chemical of the marijuana plant, boosts the immune system. Corp USA has determined that you are nothing more than a consumer, destined to live and die for the state. If you don’t pay the medical establishment for its treatments and pharmaceuticals, and find something natural that is good for you, and without harmful side effects, you become an enemy of the state along with your cure because the state cannot make enough money off of you. Cure yourself and get criminalized by the Treasure Department because you didn’t pay your “pharmaceutical bill” determined by the state that you should owe for your lifetime.

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