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Senate Passes Health Care Overhaul Bill 220 to 215

WASHINGTON — The Senate voted Thursday to reinvent the nation’s health care system, passing a bill to guarantee access to health insurance for tens of millions of Americans and to rein in health costs as proposed by President Obama. The 60-to-39 party-line vote, on the 25th straight day of debate on the legislation, brings Democrats a step closer to a goal they have pursued for decades. It clears the way for negotiations with the House, which passed a broadly similar bill last month by a vote of 220 to 215. If the two chambers can strike a deal, as seems likely, the resulting product would vastly expand the role and responsibilities of the federal government. It would, as lawmakers said repeatedly in the debate, touch the lives of nearly all Americans. The bill would require most Americans to have health insurance, would add 15 million people to the Medicaid rolls and would subsidize private coverage for low- and middle-income people, at a cost to the government of $871 billio

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Comment by Don Cline
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 Anyone notice that the headline does not agree with the article?  The Senate didn't pass it 220 to 215; the House passed it by that margin last month.  The Senate passed it by 60 to 39 -- which makes me wonder what the hell happened to the Republicans in the Senate?  Who bought THEM off?

Comment by Steve Bichler
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 can anyone say  T R E A SO N

these traiterous bastards in both the house and senate need to be treated for what they are. 100 years ago, if they had attempted something like this, they would have been greeted at home with a bucket of tar, a feather pillow, and a match.

Get ready all you Pols, We the People are ticked, and we're coming for you. And theres not a cesspool deep enough for you to dive into and hide. You WILL pay.

Comment by David McElroy
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 Yep! Didn't ya know it? Those big bad insurance companies were gouging the people and making huge profits. Politicians rode in on big government, and making a ruckus about helping out, lassoed a big share of those profits to fatten fascist fat cat's bloated bureaucracy to impose their decisions for us in all of our medical matters. They even presume to tell us when to die...and how!

 If anybody thinks money will be saved by WE THE PEOPLE seeking medical care, THINK AGAIN! The huge increase in bureaucracy will swallow any funds saved by "streamling" services and denying services altogether in rationing to cut the expense of maintaining "useless eaters" like senior citizens!

 Anybody recall "Animal Farm" and think we're not being milked, fleeced, and reduced to mutton? Save your bacon! LIVE FREE OR DIE! Rebel, America!

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