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Obama Doubles Foreign Welfare

On December 16 President Obama signed the omnibus appropriations bill. It included H.R. 3081, a doubling of foreign aid from pre-Obama times, to 48.764 billion dollars. By comparison official US foreign aid in 2006 totaled less than 23 billion dollars. This is all money which the US has to borrow from foreign taxpayers, as the US is 12.1 trillion in debt (not counting Social Security, Medicare, or prescription drug benefit obligations. Those are estimated by the head of the Dallas tentacle of the Federal Reserve to put the real total debt over 100 trillion. ) Some people would think that when you can't pay your own debts, borrowing more to give away would be slightly irresponsible. But those are the kind of bitter people who cling to their guns and religion, and will never amount to anything. Important people, the kind who win the Nobel Peace Prize in their spare time, know better. As the Parable of the Dishonest Steward says in Luke 16, it's smart to give (other people's) money

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