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Material Gain Mambo or Crap Sandwich Banquet

• Buffalohair Gazette International
The climatic con game and the healthcare hustle continue to haunt average Americans with false claims and false hopes. The only real substance with in both of these unconstitutional mandates is the funneling of taxpayer dollars out of the taxpayers pocket. New and improved taxes are being evolved that is sure to sap the last few dollars out of an already crippled economy. Rhetoric has become the order of the day while facts continue to elude the press. T.A.R.P., or Taking Away Revenue from the Public, saved criminally corrupt banks and secured retirement accounts for members of Congress and the House of Representatives, plain and simple. Surely you remember the A.I.G. scam perpetrated by Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi. After speaking to bank officials who did not take the bail-out it is clear the bail-out only saved banks who should have closed their doors and face criminal prosecution. Banks and mortgage companies have doubled and redoubled foreclosure efforts over the

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