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Vote Buying: Federal appliance rebates launch

• AP
Next year may be to appliance buyers what 2009 was to car buyers: time for government rebates.

Modeled after the popular Cash for Clunkers program, which was intended to get cars with low gas mileage off the road, a federal appliance rebate program is launching in early 2010. It offers a boost to people buying energy-efficient clothes washers, refrigerators and other appliances — those that qualify for the federal "Energy Star" designation — and to manufacturers, whose sales fell 10 percent in 2008 and another 12 percent through mid-December this year.

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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1990 I was just starting to get involved in understanding the corruption in government. I got a look behind the curtain in Wash D.C. Bottom line... there was a program to "jumpstart" exports and help American Manufaturers. Over 200 million dollars was allocated in US Loan guarantees for contracts of less than $10,000 to provide appliances to India's households.... 'cause they can. Anyway, the day after it passed one large company (I think it was GE) showed up with a staqck of $10,000 appliance contracts and took the whole package.

There's much more to this story and the slimy details are interesting for a newbie, but this was the beginning of my understanding of just how these programs really work.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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1.  I don't think my consumer economy can handle much more jump starting.

2.  Where exactly do you think this "money" comes from to "jump start" the economy? [hint: out of your kid's pockets or the consumers]

Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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This is not vote buying.  The programs are meant to jump start the consumer economy.  And since at least half of America is broke, price reductions and rebates are a good thing.

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