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U.S. Constitution Must Be Set Aside on Health Care

London: U.S. Constitution Must Be Set Aside on Health Care Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionSend to friendSend to friend December 31, 2009 (LPAC)—A London School of Economics policy paper written earlier this year by Prof. Adam Oliver, specifically observed that the U.S. Constitution is a good example of a structure that is undesirable, because over time, people get "entrenched" ideas under its influence, and don't want to change their minds. Oliver was writing specifically about the need to change public expectations of what kind of medical treatment they can expect, given constraints of resources. People get "entrenched" ideas as to their rights, and it's hard to change them. Oliver wrote, ..."the U.S. Constitution vis-a-vis healthcare reform presents a very good example of this phenomenon." This LSE commentary is part of the Hitlerian outlook in effect within Britain, and now being wielded against the United States, in the form of the treasonous White House/Sen

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