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Look at all the chatter concerning the Republican Victory Plan

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A LOT of people are P!$$ed at the attempted end run around the grass roots.  This is going to get exciting!

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Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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I too have been reading the "chatter" on the Repub site.

First of all kudos to Ernie for bringing the AZ Victory 2010 ploy to light.  What fun to read the first paragraph or two wherein the Sonoran  Alliance News points out that Freedoms Phoenix saved the day by breaking the story and provides links to Ernie's spot on article and archived radio program discussing the debacle at length.  Love you, Ernie.

Seriously though, after reading the various responses on the Sonoran Alliance site, I still have little desire to work and/or associate with these Republicans that truly do have blood on thier hands by blindly supporting the NeoCon illegal wars to say nothing of them bad-mouthing RON PAUL, the Champion of the Constitution. 

Thanks to Jet and 4409 for taking the nasty ones on.  

Ron Paul is my President.   Jeanne



Comment by Jet Lacey
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I have been giving the Neocons "what for" and "what five" in the comment section.  Shelton has too.  Whoo-wee!  We have really ruffled some GOP feathers.

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