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AzGOP "Victory Plan" shot down by grassroots - thanks to alternative media like FP

McCain suffers another defeat at hands of grassroots Republicans
It’s been reported that the conference call to discuss support operations for the GOP Victory Plan of the 2010 election cycle took place earlier this evening. This is the one detailed in this previous post, and crafted by the McCain/Kyl surrogates and “stakeholders.”
The proposal was to take a vote on the adoption of the draft plan, something that never came to pass, since the general consensus was opposed to even voting on the measure due to concerns about its legality. Voices were raised against the scheme proposed by McCain’s campaign manager Shiree Verdone and former state GOP chair Mike Hellon.
A motion was then offered that a new committee be formed to be headed by Republican State Chairman Randy Pullen and the GOP State Treasurer Timothy Lee, to include representatives who would speak for the state executive committee and actually represent the grassroots, since they were excluded from the original plan.
That motion passed by a unanimous vote.


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Comment by Kenneth Rineer
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 Don't flatter yourself. The failure of the plan had nothing to do with FP and had everything to do with the plan itself. In fact, its premature release may have hurt to a small degree. There are plenty of liberty-minded Republicans on the Executive Committee. Instead of complaining about the Republicans, maybe if more liberty-minded republicans ran for the offices, we could win with the bottom up approach.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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And while I consider Simcox as bad as any Republican candidate for this position, he is NOT wanted by anyone in the party.   The group that is celebrating the McCain click setback is bypassing Simcox for J.D. Hayworth... whose entertainment value only survived about three years in Washington.