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Your cap gun v. a tank

• Patriot Activists of Colorado
As uncomfortable as it may make some, the founding fathers intended for the second amendment to be a last resort safeguard against tyranny where the people could throw off the shackles of a tyrannical government and rise up if all other checks and balances failed. It wasn't created to protect your hunting rights or your hobby of collecting firearms. (Nothing wrong with either) In the days it was written there was an even match on the battlefield, the soldiers had the same weapons as the farmer/citizen (minus field cannons), a simple flint musket.

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Comment by freedom fromgovparents
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 (This comment is not pro or anti Isreal)   Remember back to 2006 when Isreal lead a invasion into Lebanon?  Here was Isreal a Class A Militiary force that has Planes, Tanks and Satellites Systems taking on what most called a 3rd Leg Militia force with only small arms and a few Rocket launchers and Isreal couldn't even reach their first Military objective!  After staggering losses they pulled out!


"They" have to get out of the Tank sometime to go to the bathroom!  Then it becomes the cap gun v. a roll of toilet paper!

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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First you must identify the tyrant.

In the case of the USA it is not the Prez. who is the tyrant.He & many in Congress are just tools of the real tyrants, plural.  What is causing the USA all our problems is not one man. It is a hydra monster collective that owns & controls the 'Federal' Reserve.

However if we can vote out our current social Fascist minded Prez & other New World Order minions in DC & clean up the media & many universities, we could go a long way to beating back their plans to force the USA into their vision of a one world government. We must also abolish the 'Fed', IMO a nest of snakes bent on overwhelming the US 'system' so they can re-boot & default US into a social Fascist nation that will be submitted to the one world government as a vassal state. 

We also very desperatly need to vote in to office patriot leaders who have a vison similar to Ron Paul's 'restore original intent Constiutional government'.  Untill the US Constitution is restored to it's righful place as the law of the land we will never get our problems solved & remain free. If we let the thugs who caused our problems solve them they will not include freedom & liberty in their soloutions. They want to give us their version of liberty, a privilage they can revoke at will if some one steps out of line. We have seen indications of this in the Patriot Act, political correctness, the move to bring back the 'Fairness' doctrine, & Net Nutrality, for starters.


Comment by Sam Weathersby
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Here is a corosponding article from NewWithViews.

Unless a lot of patriots have RPGx, tanks, cannons & so in  in their cellars, an armed revolution is a David v Goliath. Only God can help us now. Vote any way!!

And don't forget to pray!



Comment by Anonymous
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Cut off the head of the snake and the body will soon wither and die.  Go directly after the tyrant - and 'that' can be done with little more than a cap-gun.   

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