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Infowarrior Jason Bermas Talks 9-11 & Self-Government with MHD

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Jason Bermas Talks 9-11 & Self-Government with Motor Home Dairies
TACOMA, WA – It was a hot, sunny, early afternoon on Friday, May 8th and we were heading south on I-35 toward Austin. Jason had just challenged the Big Texan’s 72oz steak and I’d just detailed the actions government agents toward a group of people outside Waco. As we often do prior to rolling into a new town we talked about what we expected to find in Austin – what the liberty scene would be like and who we were excited to connect with. It was then that I realized we had yet to contact so I shot them an email as we were pulling out of a gas station about an hour outside of town.
Within minutes we had gotten a response from “The Infowarrior” Jason Bermas who invited us to stop by. Soon we were walking into their suite, eager to see how their operations were set-up.