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Peter Spencer's hunger strike for Australian Government to meet his demands

Farmer Peter Spencer "Saarahnlee" sits high up on a 300m wind monitoring tower in NSW Australia on the 1st December 2009 as a last resort commenced an indefinite hunger strike until the Australian government meets his demands.
This group has been set up to publicize and draw support for a desperate NSW Farmer Peter Spencer who on Monday of this week as a last resort commenced an indefinite hunger strike high up on a wind tower on his property just outside of the nations capital Canberra. Please join the group as a member to show your support and for regular updates and information.

Photo of Peter high up on the wind tower where he intends to stay on his hunger strike until his demands are met.

See more information in the discussion topics below photo. Click on Blue title to open each. This site will be updated daily. Join to receive email updates each time I post.

Media Contact Alastair McRobert - Phone - 0429361318

Peter Spencer has taken the Government to task over unworkable green engineered vegetation laws that restricted his ability to farm from Australia leading fine wool producer to locking his farm up under legislation set in place by politicians capitulating to the Greens preference vote, dancing to their radical blackmail agenda.

Read from the menu under Peters tab on the top bar to undertsand his campaign to take on the government for stealing his emission trading credits, this also applies to all Australian farmers he represents as David -vs- Government Goliath.