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Stricter new smog limit would hit rural areas, too

• AP
Hundreds of communities far from congested highways and belching smokestacks soon could join big cities on the list of smog violators under stricter limits proposed yesterday by the Obama administration.

Costs of compliance could be in the tens of billions of dollars, but the government said the rules would save other billions -- as well as lives -- in the long run.

More than 300 counties -- mainly in Southern California, the Northeast and Gulf Coast -- already violate the current, looser requirements adopted two years ago by the Bush administration. They will find it even harder to reduce smog-forming pollution enough to comply with the law.

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Comment by Joseph Klein (10533)
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If the EPA doesn't keep ratcheting down the allowed levels, who would need them to keep feeding at the public's toughs? Air pollution is significantly down since we first started taking measures to control it. Enough! Declare victory, and cut back the EPA to a monitoring-only level. This would save public expenses - and prevent further economic damage!