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Family Lawmaster Cornelia Reef Harrison Co. WV refuses to recuse herself; commits judicial miscondct

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cornelia reeps buddy lori jackson was an atty for this guy bob. representing him in a family law, child custody/visitation case.the mother, "M" was not married to bob.bob received visitation.almost immediately as that case ended, ms jackson had to remove herself as bobs lawyer as she & ms reep prepared to enter their NEW JOB as harrison county's newly elected family law master/public office.bob died earlier this year. his parents filed for visitation. guess who the family law master is???cornelia reep, who refuses to recuse herself from the case and now is the law master to the case re the fathers parents. Read the Live thread here copy/paste url in case the story link doesnt work sometimes hotlinking creates an autoban http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message960654/pg1