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Besieged Miwok Nation Petitions Ken Salazar

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Struggling for their very existence, the California Valley Miwok Tribe sent a letter to the Department of Interior’s Ken Salazar in an effort to save their nation from extinction. Almost penniless and bankrupt, this tribe faces criminally corrupt BIA officials and a wealthy casino mogul who are trying to steal their lineage. Their intention is to replace the legitimate tribe with non-Natives who will allow for a casino to be build under the Miwok Nation name. The tribe sent me a copy of the letter sent to Mr. Salazar. Officially, the federal government has been made aware of the crisis in Central California. Sadly there are members of the Obama administration that may be part of the problem and not the cure. It would appear Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a financial interest in this fraud either directly or triangulated. At this juncture it is a matter of public awareness since there is little to no coverage within the mainstream media ab

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Comment by Ken Valentine
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Reminds me of that old "supposed" joke about when Lt. Colonel custer left for the Little Big Horn. 

Just as he was leaving, he told the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, "Don't do anything until I come back."

Well, he never did come back, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs hasn't done a damn thing since.