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UK, Phony Tony and his Cronies

• Buffalohair Gazette International
It should be apparent to the folks in the UK that Tony Blair and his merry band of thugs have crippled England’s economy. His lackey Gordon Brown has prostituted the UK and her industries to foreign investors. In the meantime Tony went on to sell England to China in one of his whirlwind junkets to China in recent months. Now the UK is reeling from Tony and Gordon’s version of *Disaster Capitalism as they usher in the New World Order at the expense of Britons sovereignty and democracy. Tony and Gordon should be considered a traitor for the wholesale acts of treason they’ve committed during their tenure in England. The victims of their pandering to international corporate interests are the populations of the UK. jobs are sailing out of the country even before some employees get their termination slips. With China and India unencumbered by environmental and labor laws, England can’t compete since manufacturing costs make Asia the frugal alternative. It’s all about the money and the co

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 Like father like son!  The UK and the perfect together!