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Breaking News Sunday January 10, 2010 ANOTHER BUSH CRIME FAMILY MURDER Kim Dyer vs City of Tempe A

This is one of those reports that I Stew Webb wish I was not reporting on. My Condolences go out to Kim and her Family. Kim Dryer a Victim of the Bush-Arizona Crime Family who asked for my help some time back because she married and divorced a Bush Attorney Mitch Cohen, Laundering Narcotics Money for Bushes into Real Estate in Phoenix, Arizona. During the divorce Kim asked for an Audit of her former Husband’s illegal Narco accounts some 13 years ago. After the divorce Kim was falsely arrested several times by the same Bush Crime Family perpetrators and has not been left alone by these Bush Police and Tempe Prosecuting Stooges since. I spoke with Kim today; she was contacted not by Tempe Police but by Social Services that her Father John Sinclair Dryer 65 of Sahuarita, AZ. had been murdered in his home sometime this past week. Neighbors reported to Police after not seeing him for days. An Autopsy is being performed, Kim filed a Federal RICO Suit 2 months ago Pro Se and obtained a Sta