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Google to end China censorship after e-mail breach

• AP
 Google Inc. will stop censoring its search results in China and may pull out of the country completely after discovering that computers hackers had tricked human rights activists into opening their e-mail accounts to outsiders.

The change-of-heart announced Tuesday heralds a major shift for Google, which has repeatedly said it will obey Chinese laws that require some politically and socially sensitive issues to be blocked from search results that are available in other countries.

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Comment by Found Zero
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Absolutely 100% the end of if Google doesn't back down. There's absolutely NO chance the PRC government will suffer this. And Google would be ceeding the territory to Yahoo as the number one Western search engine in China.

Which I don't think makes a difference because the trend is towards native engines like Baidu, Sohu. They are coming out with a simplified Chinese DNS soon. That should be a trip.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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