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AZ Senate Wants Seismic Sensors on Border

State lawmakers directed the Department of Public Safety to set up seismic sensors to spot drug runners and others in southern Arizona – but only if the agency can find the cash elsewhere. The vote by the Senate Committee on Public Safety and Human Services came Wednesday after a plea from Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, to have the state do more to stop the flow of individuals and drugs from Mexico. Pearce said the state cannot rely on the federal government to secure the border. What Pearce has in mind are sensors that

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Comment by Found Zero
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Well that's kind of a joke. Where is any agency going to find funds lying around in this state?

Now I have a proposal, not sure it's a great one but it has advantages.

Arizona should drop it's border with the Tohono O'Odham peoples, allow them to do the same with Mexico and we all use Tohono as a buffer state (welcome to capitalism Tohono). The drug trade would go bananas with Arizona as a major player, goodbye budget problems PLUS we FLOOD CALIFORNIA WITH ALL THE BAD DRUGS Viet Nim style and teach them to mess with OUR freaking state once and for all.

So to recap, we get rich, we beat California into submission and we finally get that border wall I've been wanting. The one between us and California.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Why?  So they can send the Minute Men to stop the earthquake before it happens?