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From the Founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman

We should "Follow The Money!"  This means that when the "Crisis" of Global Warming (now referred to as Climate Change) goes away, these people (i.e, Al Gore) will no longer be in the spot light and cannot continue to collect millions from our government coffers. 
Do YOU have an open mind?  Is this climatologist from Western Washington University totally uninformed?  He is the founder of The Weather Channel.  I DARE you to watch and learn!

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Comment by chris roberts (27683)
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I do have an open mind about climate change, but let's face it: John Coleman is not a degreed meteorologist or climatologist. He was trained in Journalism, enjoyed a career as a tv "weatherman", and appears to be an great business man (since he started The Weather Channel).  He wouldn't even be qualified to work for The Weather Channel as a "meteorologist" today if he were to apply for a job there.  He doesn't meet the educational requirements. He has no knowledge of climatology, and can't speak the language of science.  He needs to leave the scientific analyses up to those trained in the atmospheric sciences, especially those with advanced degrees and understand the mathematics and physics of the atmosphere and climate variability. 

Relying on this man for a climatological summary of the past 300,000 years amounts to asking a plumber to replace your roof.