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Easily Hacked Voting Systems to be Used in MA Special Election for the U.S. Senate

• Gouverneur Times
As the 60th "filibuster-proof" Democratic U.S. Senate seat hangs in the balance - and the party's healthcare reform bill and other key legislative hopes along with it - fears are mounting that the final vote tallies could be as questionable as they were in the recent NY-23 Special Election for the U.S. House. Perhaps even more so......

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Comment by Jerry Alexander (10403)
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Just look at those that the candidates have brought in the help them....Pure Corruption. may as well resign from people are the very bottom of the barrel when it`s comes to common sense,and Patriotism...Next to Nevada.

One good thing tho...if you find one of your love ones on the bottom of a pile of concrete dying,or dead...just call Rudy...he`ll scoop them up and take them to the DUMP for you...I`m not sure if he charges for that service now,or, first.

Oh Yeah!! check your daughters dresses for stains of Oil,and other natural liquids.

Comment by Lola Flores (20562)
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 The powers that be would not have it any other way.  God forbid the wrong candidate may win and turn things upside down for the reigning corporate elite