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MSBNC Ed Schultz on Scott Brown: Cheat, Hell, I’d Vote Ten Times

• Mondo Frazier
32-second clip of Ed Schultz's answer to stopping Scott Brown in Massachusetts: cheat.

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Comment by Sam Weathersby
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I saw the Ed Show briefly a couple of times. This guy is pretty much out there. It's a tossup for who is the biggest hot steamed horse dumpling provider, Mr. Ed or Kieth Olberman. Both these guys throw out a lot of weird stuff. Neither of them bother to let much truth get in their way when they are attacking TEA party people and independents who see through Obama.

 It's more like the Mr. Ed Show.

I can see a reunion: "Hey, Mr. Ed! It's me! Wilber!. How ya doing since we left TV? I caught your new 'news' show while flipping through channels. I didn't know you could talk out from under your tail to! You have it goin' on from both ends!! After all these years I am just finding out...betcha make a pretty penny from all that fertilizer  " :-)


Comment by Anonymous
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Just another phony 'Great American' mouth.