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ALG Action News Teams Moving into Massachusetts For Major Ballot Integrity Operation

• Americans for Limited Government
Fairfax, VA--Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today announced that his organization’s news team will help insure ballot integrity in Tuesday’s Massachusetts senatorial election by positioning video teams, field reporters, and bloggers at key locations throughout the state. “We do not intend to let ACORN and the union bosses stuff the ballot box,” Wilson said. “Whoever wins, win. But, as a news organization, we will do whatever is necessary to help insure that the race is run fairly, that ACORN is not allowed to play games with the vote, and that the union bosses are not allowed to intimidate voters. “The hard left is determined to keep the so-called ‘Kennedy seat.’ That’s where ACORN and the union bosses come in. The people of Massachusetts deserve a fair and open election. That’s where we come in. ” Wilson’s ALG Massachusetts Action News Teams will include video crews, field reporters, and ‘instant-access’ bloggers spread across the state. As footage, re

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 Ballot Integrity Operation.  ROFL!  What a maroon!