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Protestors rally for nullification of Obama health care plan

• News 8 Austin
Protestors want Gov. Rick Perry and state lawmakers to assert Texans' 10th Amendment rights and create and pass a nullification resolution with regard to President Barack Obama's health care reform plan. Protestors rallied Saturday on the south steps of the State Capitol. Nullification would invalidate any effects of the federal government's pending health care reform in the state. One man said he hopes Perry won't be a "chicken" in responding to the request. "When you give money to one you have got to take it from another, and that's the reason I'm against the socialistic program. It hurts everyone, it hurts everyone, it really does. It enslaves those that are on the system," Waco resident Raymond Hixson said. A grassroots organization, called New Revolution Now, helped organize the rally, and published a letter Thursday in the Austin American-Statesman. The letter asks Perry to sue the U.S. government over the health care reform, claiming it's unconstitutional and v