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Why they hate us? It's not a secret

• Baltimore Sun
People who had been paying attention knew what the real reasons for the Islamist radicals' actions were -- Osama bin Laden himself had laid them out in detail. They included America's support of Israel in its subordination of the Palestinians and its attacks on Lebanon; the propping up of pro-American kleptocracies in Muslim lands; and the presence of U.S. forces on the "sacred soil" of Saudi Arabia after the first Gulf War.

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Comment by Nick Barnett
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I saw this a few months ago and copied it into my gmail for future use... but I forgot to get the source info. These aren't my words, someone else looked all of this stuff up, but it fits nicely.


The State World LIberty Index (2006) places Estonia, Switzerland and the Bahamas - among others - above the U.S.  In other words, these states are even more free then we are.

Reporters Without Borders publishes a Press Freedom Index that also includes Estonia, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark and others at the top of the list.  The U.S. is ranked 20th.

Hong Kong and Singapore are among those that top the U.S. in the Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom.

If the terrorists' motiviation is to attack the free, why haven't they attacked any of these other countries?  Surely Switzerland must be on their radar.

Could it be that they don't maintain a military presence all over the world?

Could it be that they don't use drone's to kill dozens - or even hundreds - of innocents when bombing a smaller number of "high-value targets?"

Could it be that they don't prop up repressive regimes throughout the Muslim world?

Could it be that they practice non-interventionist foreign policies?