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Did Ron Paul Sell Out? John Bush gets a surprising interview!

John bush co-host of Rise Up Radio with Bush and Bleish ( ) goes old school and gets an ambush interview with Ron Paul. This surprising interview has quickly caused debate in the liberty community. See my interview with John as well as his controversial footage. You need to see this one and Judge for yourself.

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Comment by Tamara Carroll
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Ron Paul sell out?  NEVER! 

Comment by Brad Werrell
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Lighten up, Mr. Libertarian.

 Do you think Ron Paul really thinks you are dumb enough to do WHATEVER he says?  I don't. 

Does it "water down" anything?  I don't think so. 

 Shoot, if you think OTHER Ron Paul types are as stupid as that, you really need to think about what YOU are about and your own "idol worship," etc. 

 We can all recognize bu..shi.. when we hear and see it.  Presume the people around you are also smart enough to recognize it.

 A big "nothing" story.  Move along.

Comment by Found Zero
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I'll allow that the headlines are provocative, but not only do I think these conversations are healthy, they are inevitable.

Think of it like this is all spillover from us having endorsed a republican to begin with. The libertarians, the many liberals who were with the Freedom To Fascism movement, many others screamed bloody murder at first, but agreed to put aside our differences for the while.

That while is over. Ideologically, reconciling the movement with the GOP is not going to be neat and orderly. Frankly I don't think it can be done and I predicted the movement would schism over this issue a couple years ago.

So here it is. If Bush & Bleish (B&B?) stumbled upon the divisive issue, so be it. It would have been somebody else with something else if not.

Comment by Anonymous
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 No, he did not sellout.  Tarin Lupo is a cointelpro operated activist.  Either that or his so imminently retarded, it's not worth discussing further.

Comment by Jet Lacey
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All I'm saying is that, while I don't at all disagree with what Ben and Brock said, I realize that Dr. Paul is doing some kind of "politicking," I don't know what type of politicking it is, and I want to hear what is directly from Ron Paul before I make my final judgment.  I believe that he's at least earned that.  Suffice it to say, either way I'll be paying more attention to what he's up to.

However, what REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS is that these guys (John, Catherine, etc.) are jumping to the conclusion that he's some kind of traitor. 

Comment by Ben Nichols
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Jet, I'm not sure how much more of an explanation you need. If Ron Paul sent out an email saying he wants all of us (people who live in Phoenix) to send money and support John Mccain, would you feel a little slap in the face? I sure would.

Also, Tarrin was just getting the story out, just like any reporter. He didn't even give his opinion on the issue, so why attack him?

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Umm, weren't you along for the ride on the Jan Brewer ambush, Jet?

Picking a party hack over your own guy is a pretty crummy move, but I wouldn't crucify him over it.  There are bigger problems to pick on, like his dispecible stance on immigration.

Comment by Jet Lacey
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You guys are absolutely hammering this topic and, not only is it irritating, it has already been flogged to death.  Why don't you go out and get a non-TMZ style ambush interview with Dr. Paul and then talk to me. 

Dr. Paul has earned the right do defend himself on the record from the incessant parade of accusations from the likes of you, Catherine Bleish, Brooke Kelley, and John Bush. 

Until that time, find someone else from whom to vampire your 15 minutes of fame.