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San Diego cops arrest NY Jets fan for cheering his team

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In a disgusting show of force and intimidation, San Diego police officers arrested a New York Jets fan during Sunday’s playoff game at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium.

His crime: cheering against the home team.

Even San Diego fans booed the arrest, including one vocal Chargers fan who was


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Comment by Dave Hodges (5367)
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 I have interviewed several veteran and retired law enforcement officials on my radio show and consistently they state that the newer breed of police officiers are being trained to view the public as the enemy. 

After viewing this video in a different venue, I called the San Diego police department for a comment and they claimed that no such event took place that they were aware of. I laughed as I stated that I watching the video of the arrest of a man who did nothing but cheer for his team and I wanted someone from the department to go on the record as to the reason for the arrest so I could air it on my talk show. I was then told to get a life and was hung up on.

From Arpaio to San Diego, it is beginning to feel a lot like 1935 Nazi Germany.



Comment by Nick Barnett (23333)
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if being annoying is a crime, everyone would be behind bars. you're making my blood boil.

Comment by Anonymous ()
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The man committed no crime, threatened no one, was no danger to anyone.  There were plenty of people around to protect this man from the goons in blue...but none did.   This is America of today.   We nodded to authority once upon a we kneel to it.