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State troopers storm man's home, drag him out after he makes parking comment

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When a Chambersburg man left the grocery store Sunday afternoon, he thought it was nervy that someone parked a pickup truck in the fire lane beside the entrance, so he asked the driver what gave him the privilege. The driver was an off-duty state police trooper, and by the end of the night the man with the question was in jail with facial injuries and charges pending against him. 

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Comment by Powell Gammill (13871)
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Here is an update from four days later:

Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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Who hires and fires police? And who hires and fires those who hire and fire police?

Who authorizes police to do what they do? Who limits them from simply going really berserk?

The people who get into this position of authority, authority over police, are worse than the police who ignorantly go about their simple reign of terror.

Cops are puppets. Who pulls their strings?

Comment by Powell Gammill (13871)
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What I find interesting is you can bet they had no search or arrest warrant. 

In my state, while the state police would have jurisdiction, there is an agreement whereby they should have used the local police to carry out the arrest.  Some local departments are very zealous of their territory.  So I was surprised when the local police did not seem to want to respond.  Subsequent cover up to support their gang sure.  But not want to get in on a piece of the whomping...surprised.

I am surprised they did not shoot his dogs.

I also note in my state, the state police would not normally be involved in a charge of disorderly/public intoxication charge---that is definitely a local jurisdiction.  Fail to show proper deference to a member of the gang, pay for your open display of defiance.

Comment by Nick Barnett (23333)
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I can just see this whole thing playing in my head and I believe the victim's account of the incident. I can just picture that jack boot sitting in his truck in the fire lane. I bet he's proud to act like that in front of his daughter.

Comment by Steve Freedom (19362)
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I don't doubt the citizens side of the events. I see this type of conduct by law enforcement daily.

We have allowed, in the name of safety and security for our law enforcement agencies and their training centers to produce officers that are belligerent, authoritarian,and aggressive towards citizens. They have a mentality of "us v. them" with the "them" being anyone not wearing a badge.
The only counter to this militaristic and abusive behavior is to bring attention to the training and and qualifications these departments have. Most agencies will allow high school dropouts so long as they have a G.E.D. And most departments disregard past criminal convictions of candidates. I have found Officers who were hired with all sorts of high misdemeanors from assaults, domestic violence, drug possession, theft and many other type of offenses that should have excluded them from being placed in a position of authority where they have almost absolute power over ones freedom and at times life.
County Sheriffs, Chief of police, Mayors, city council members are need to be pressured to stop this combative mentality these "peace officers" have.

After all, are we truly free if we fear encounters with our police?