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Private Boycott’s - The Answer to Chinese Poisons

• Stephen D. Estes
On occasion we hear in the media of a recall of goods originating from China due to addition of or contamination by toxic substances. The Chinese government regulations regarding the use of toxic ingredients in consumer goods is far more relaxed than in the United States. Chinese companies can not always be trusted to include a full list of the materials used to manufacture consumer goods. Americans get particularly enraged when they learn that a contaminated Chinese good is intended for use or consumption by our children. Most often, the offending agent was knowingly used to produce the goods in question and marketed to the United States under false pretenses. Once a product has been identified as containing materials the United States has deemed hazardous, a recall effort is launched and the offending company is asked to replace the product with a safe one and/or return the money that was paid out. Of course, this isn’t always possible as those companies are located in China.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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The Mexican candy lead contamination is the candy wrapper --- more specifically the lead used in the coloring dye of that wrapper that may contaminate the candy itself.  Dumb!

The primary author's point on boycotting unsafe products as the solution to get those products to change their ways is very libertarian.  In the past I have tested for the presence of lead content on dishes from China in stores before purchase because I did not trust the decorative flourishes.

Comment by Steve Freedom
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 Glad I we are not alone on this. My wife and I have refused to buy Chinese made products for the last 4 years due to the combination of tainted/hazardous goods to the fact that they are an openly repressive government to it's own people. I can't in good conscience support such tyranny. Also the quility of the goods from china is so poor.Not to mention I don't like the idea of paying for the bullet that could be fired at me or fellow Americans someday.

It is not always easy when excluding Chinese goods. One has to put extra effort and usually extra money in to get the items you need. Example being, last weekend we needed some new flatware and finally found plates that were made in the U.S.

Extra precaution must be taken when dealing with children's items, toys, jewelry and especially food items such as candy. After Halloween this year we sat down and went through the bag of candy and found 20% was Chinese or Mexico (Mexican candy commonly has been found to contain high levels of lead).

It is worth the effort for us to look at the made in mark.