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Phoenix Police Dominate MLK Celebration

• Harley Quinn
The Phoenix Police Department had a huge presence at Monday's MLK holiday festivities at Margaret T. Hance Park, in Phoenix. We were appalled to discover the entire parking lot of the Burton Barr Public Library blocked off exclusively for the Phoenix Police Department, forcing patrons to park in non designated areas.

We were overwhelmed by the show of force and estimated 1 police officer for every 6 patrons of the fair around 2pm. The police domination of a festival honoring a man who's main ideals included the promotion of peace, freedom, and equality seemed quite disturbing and ironic.

Left with less purpose after the patronage of the fair dissipated due to inclement weather, the police presence continued late into the day raising another question: With the government budget crisis looming, why are the police being paid to stand around on the clock for several hours with no further purpose?