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Congress Accidentally Gives South Dakota Back to Sioux

Reports have surfaced that an obscure bill, which was suppose to cede a 100 acre parcel of land in South Dakota back to the Oglala Sioux, had a small typographic error in the official copy which, accidentally, ceded the entire state of South Dakota back to the Oglala Sioux. 

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I think this would be better placed under humor since it is a spoof.

Comment by Found Zero
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So I guess this business of congress not doing it's business (reading the legislation) has an upside.

See, we shouldn't be fighting or introducing legislation atall, we should be burying it in other people's legislation where they don't notice and we just let them all vote one way on everything.

I propose we find a legislator here in Arizona to introduce language into somebody else's legislation reclaiming Arizona FROM Californians and the Federal government and FOR "general purposes".

We can later explain that it is only for an indefinite period of time and for specific "general purposes". Thus implying, but never stating that this is a permanent position.

For all other questions, we can speak loudly about an impending budgetary catastrope and the need for swift and decisive bi-partisan action and temporary measures to promote stabilty. We can wax about how the suspension of essential services would hurt out minority populations the worst and imply that opposition is racist.

We can finally set up that border wall between us and California I've been wanting.

Comment by Found Zero
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HFS!!! Woooooooo-hooooooooo!!! Lucky Oglala!!! Nice score dudes. A Whole state. Screw Powerball.

So you guys gonna fix up the place? Starting with Mt. Rushmore?