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The Great Palin Sell-Out, Part Deux

 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican John McCain helped turn Sarah Palin into a household name during last year's presidential campaign. Now she is returning the favor.

Palin, the former Alaska governor who was McCain's vice presidential running mate last year, will campaign for McCain's re-election bid as a senator from Arizona, the senator said in a statement on Wednesday.


Palin will be in Phoenix for events on March 26 and 27.


There has been plenty of sniping between the Palin and McCain camps after they lost the election to Democrat Barack Obama but McCain and Palin themselves have remained on friendly terms.


"I'm looking forward to getting back on the campaign trail with my former running mate, and I know my fellow Arizonans will welcome her as well," McCain said. "Sarah energized our nation and remains a leading voice in the Republican Party."


Palin said on her Facebook page that she will also be campaigning for Texas Governor Rick Perry, a Republican, and Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann.


"We are already making plans to support the candidates our nation needs to make a difference and speak for everyday Americans," she said.


McCain has no announced challenger yet for the Republican nomination but conservative radio talk show host J.D. Hayworth has talked of possibly challenging the Vietnam war hero.


Palin is now a star of the Republican Party and a big draw on the fund-raising circuit. She is a Fox News contributor.


Her best-selling memoir, "Going Rogue," talked of her Alaska upbringing and her frustrations with McCain's top aides, who have denied her charges.

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Comment by Terrance Traylor (26654)
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Going McCain is not 'Going Rogue'

Comment by Tom Dowdey (21199)
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"Teaparty" = "Coke"


Fifth Avenue has long been employed in American politics.
The "people" have been brainwashed by their "techniques" for just as long.

A "Coke" is now a generic term for any brown sugar water sold.
A "Jacuzzi" is now a generic for any tub that blows bubbles.

Palin is now the "Magic Teaparty Fairy" who can anoint ANY incumbent with
magic Teaparty dust.

Same with Beck.
Are Americans THAT stoopid?


Comment by John Granath (15093)
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 Sarah IS 100% in agreement with ALL of John McPain's agenda -- she said so in a NewsMax interview about 3 weeks ago!  When asked if she took issue with any of the loosing candidate's platform, she responded, "I agree with him 100%!"

Well folks, that means that Sarah is FOR AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS, she is FOR the trashing of our Constitution in agreement with the McCain-Feingold Bill, she is FOR the Unconstitutional transfer of taxpayer funds to Bail Out the international bankers and investment corporations,  she is FOR the North American Union AND the Law of the Sea Treaty -- the list goes on, and on, ad infinitum.  She only has to join the Council on Foreign Relations to make her neo-con, globalist, NWO status official.  Doesn't anyone remember that -- 11 months  prior to his becoming the RP nominee, McPain was near  being censured by the RP for his way out status as RINO extraordiaire?   Instead of  censoring Michael Steele, the RP leadership might think about what he is saying as a real clear observation of what's WRONG with the vested interests  in the R.P. -- which looks just like the Dems but dressed in drag so they won't be seen as true patriots of the traditional American values.  Heaven forbid that they -- the R.P. should insist on English only, for example.



Comment by Joseph Klein (10533)
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Ye gods, Sarah! NO! This paints you as pro-amnesty! Pro-unconstitutional limits on free speech! If you have any influence on this out-dated 73 year-old professional politician have him resign, and have a true conservative appointed by the Republican Governor! Supporting McCain is like trying to be both pro- and anti-abortion!

Comment by Sam Weathersby (5726)
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Stumping for McL:ame is a really bad idea. OK, he gave her a shot. Now I am asking why?  Palin talks a decent game, but I am not sure she knows enough about the Constitution and the intents of the Founders.It is very obvious to me that McLame doesn't even care about the Constitution, even though he looks old enough to have been there protesting when the Founders were working on getting this continent  free from the Brits.

 I hope JD runs. He can't be as bad as McLame. I hope somebody runs to un-seat the RINO.