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2010 Census: what you need to know

At the end of this month, a symbolic parade of dog sleds will head across the frozen tundra into Noorvik – an Alaskan fishing village of 634 people, according to the last US census.
On the dog sleds – as well as on some snowmobiles – will be officials carrying census forms. After the forms are filled out, they’ll tell the federal government if the Inupiat population of Noorvik has grown or shrunk.
Welcome to the official start of distributing forms for the 2010 Census, a national head count that is required by the US Constitution every 10 years.
Most of the 134 million residences in America will receive their questionnaire the conventional way – via first-class mail, starting March 15. However, not everyone has a postal address – and not everyone will reply to the blue-and-green form. So this year, the Census Bureau is hiring 800,000 people to follow up with door-to-door canvassing, set to begin May 1.

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 So?  Do something about it.

If you need a job, go apply to be a census taker in Arizona or in Phoenix.  Their job postings are all over monster and careerbuilder.

You'll get their insider training.  You'll learn the real details.  You'll get paid for it.

"Oh but I can't do that I'm a libertarian."  Blah, blah, blah.  Who the hell is stopping you? So, maybe you're a poor job performer when you hit the streets and start collecting data?  Until you get fired, you're still getting paid!

Rather than b*tch, go get one of those jobs, pretend to drink the kool aid, learn the insider ropes, and be a poor on-the-job performer while getting paid!

Don't talk.  DO!

(This comment is not aimed at the poster of this article.  Just a general statement.)