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Detroit TSA Security Theater (video)

• FreeKeene
On a recent layover in Detroit, I was filming roaming squads of TSA agents searching passengers at the gates. I didn’t feel like answering their questions, and their response was, well, see for yourself . . . In part 1 I interact with Janetta a TSA “Behavior Detection Officer”

The airport police show up to continue the harassment in part 2:

In part 3 I go on the offensive asking about body scanners, security failures, and more.

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Comment by Jet Lacey
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Awesome video.  Now THAT'S how you handle yourself.

Comment by Camera FRAUD
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This video needs to be pinned to the top for a while.

Fantastic activism, editing, and narration--- a textbook template for those who wish to report on issues important to them. Finally, 4409 has competition!

Bonus points for standing up to those who wear a "federal" costume.


Comment by Terry Bressi
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Let's hear it for punks with cameras!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I figured this was going to go viral ...  punks with cameras --- America's Last Hope.

Comment by Ben Nichols
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You beat me to it, Powell. 

Once again, great video by Sam.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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This was an excellent set of videos.  Great find!  Highly recommended.