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Why the Supreme Court Decision Allowing Direct Corporate Spending on Elections is Correct

• Paul Levinson
the First Amendment contains no language excluding corporations

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Comment by Mike Chavez
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The bill of rights is a list of government respected HUMAN RIGHTS granted by mans creator. 

Corporations ONLY have Privileges granted by man.   

"Fascism ought ot be called corporatism because it is the combining of government and corporate powers"  Mussolini

The Fascist government is upon us. 

Comment by David McElroy
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 I beg to differ! The law was meant to protect people, and in regulating people, who create and administer corporations, it was long sufficient to bind corporate power. Then corporations were granted legal "personhood" with all rights normally afforded human beings. What is the problem? Corporations are not only endowed with "ficticious entity" rights and privileges, but the additional powers making them superior to human beings...just look at their "too big to fail" status that garnered them trillions of  tax dollars in a monstrous "stimulus"! The Supreme Court just authorized the corporate purchase of elections where the market will price populist candidates out of the contest. Just look at our recent billion dollar presidential candidate now soiling the Oval Office!