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Air America to Close it's Doors

• The Washington Post
Liberal talk radio network "Air America" announced Thursday that it will cease broadcasting Monday, January 25th and will file Chapter 7 bankruptcy citing decreasing market share, high debt, and lack of advertising revenue.

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Comment by David McElroy
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 So many supporters of "equal time" for liberal broadcasters decrying the very popular conservative/libertarian programs fail to notice a salient fact. Liberal talk radio fails because any open discourse leads to unpalatable conclusions, like Ed Schultz's recent radio outburst advocating voter fraud to defeat Brown in Massachussetts. Liberals cannot allow open discussion and must control or shutdown debate. The liberal agenda leads to higher taxes, liberties lost, privileges priced beyond you, and abject slavery in a micromanaged world where things not prohibited are mandatory and there is no hope amid the change. Libertarian and conservative talk radio hosts may disagree on specifics, but hosts and callers openly discuss freedom, rights, opportunities, truth, justice, and liberty for all!