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Mexican Government Looking to Ban "Drug Ballads"

• Phoenix New Times
As the Mexican government's war on drugs continues to produce lackluster results, Mexico's ruling party is taking aim at a different enemy: Musicians.

Members of Mexico's National Action Party have proposed legislation that would make "drug ballads," or "narcocorridos," as they are commonly referred by Mexicans, illegal.

Violators of the law could face up to three years in prison if they perform or produce the music.

And we thought Tipper Gore and her warning labels stifled free speech.

"Drug ballads" are songs that glorify a wide variety of different illegal activities -- including drug or human trafficking and illegal immigration -- that Mexico, and in turn the U.S., have been grappling with for decades. It's a little edgier and frankly, much more creative than screaming "fuck the police" over and over again into a microphone.

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Comment by Brock Lorber
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I came for the Braveheart reference, and leave satisfied to listen to my own collection of narco carrida.

Comment by J E Andreasen
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Outlaw tunes played on outlawed pipes, eh.   Yeah, that'll work.

Comment by Anonymous
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 I certainly do not condone the content of these ballads.  However, I speak Spanish and enjoy latin music.  I kind of like these ballads in an NWA, anti-authoritarian, machoistic dinosaur kind of way - latin style.


Do you know what a "cuerno de chivo" is? 

(Goat horn, but it means AK47 mag.  LOL.)