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Researchers Find Study of Medical Marijuana Discouraged n

• NY Times
The federal government still discourages research into the medicinal uses of smoked marijuana. That may be one reason that — even though some patients swear by it — there is no good scientific evidence that legalizing marijuana’s use provides any benefits over current therapies.

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Comment by Rod Souza
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What else would you expect? In spite of what you may think we no longer have anything close to a federal government. What we have is a police state fascist regime that will continue to discourage, force and even murder it's people if necessary to protect itself in the name of profits and the criminals in charge.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Oh, look, a whole bunch of ungood scientific evidence:

"As clinical research into the therapeutic value of cannabinoids has proliferated – there are now more than 17,000 published papers in the scientific literature analyzing marijuana and its constituents — so too has investigators' understanding of cannabis' remarkable capability to combat disease. Whereas researchers in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s primarily assessed cannabis' ability to temporarily alleviate various disease symptoms — such as the nausea associated with cancer chemotherapy — scientists today are exploring the potential role of cannabinoids to modify disease. "