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US waves white flag in disastrous 'war on drugs'

After 40 years of defeat and failure, America's "war on drugs" is being buried in the same fashion as it was born – amid bloodshed, confusion, corruption and scandal. US agents are being pulled from South America; Washington is putting its narcotics policy under review, and a newly confident region is no longer prepared to swallow its fatal Prohibition error. Indeed, after the expenditure of billions of dollars and the violent deaths of tens of thousands of people, a suitable epitaph for America's longest "war" may well be the plan, in Bolivia, for every family to be given the right to grow coca in its own backyard.

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Comment by KDK Klein
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Our life, our body.  Eating and drinking and smoking has been the right of all free people throughout history... only when CONTROL and PROFIT became king, the freedom to choose fell.  This is NOT about what the gov says we can do, this should be about humans realizing this life is special and so too are our choices.  The gov is the created fiction, not the owner of the masses; however, many have that lie in their heads, thanks to 'schooling'/indoctrination.  Very few realize the gov is a creation that had a limited function and that is NOT what we have today... in fact, what we have today needs to be shut down and the people need to speak on what the people want.


FEAR-based governing (based on deception/manipulation/etc.) is treachery and those promoting this should be shot on site... as the law of the people have the right to do and has been done in the past.  "Modern" man is manipulated man.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Sure, now that the US has a new 'war' on another much more profitable invisible enemy, it is time to leave the "War on Drugs" behind and focus on the "War on Terror" up ahead.  If the former lasted 40 years, the latter will last 400 or until the ultimate demise of the USan Empire.

May it rest in pieces!

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