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The HeroicBrad Jardis Kicked Out of LEAP!

• Ian Freeman
A few days ago on, news was posted that longtime NH police officer Brad Jardis was no longer going to arrest medical cannabis users. LEAP did not think Jardis' statements were best for their appearance, and kicked him out.

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Comment by malcolm kyle
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A brave cop states that he will not arrest sick people for using medical marijuana, then LEAP, in a lame attempt at being “politically correct”, stupidly decides that it’s illegal for a cop to not enforce an unconstitutional law that violates their oath of office, and kicks him out. Only possible conclusion: LEAP accepts ignorant automaton boot lickers only!

If you want cops to stop arresting sick people, you don’t kick cops out of your organization for saying they won’t. LEAP has now become a poseur organization, or Law Enforcement Appearing to be Against Prohibition.

Making a condition that Officers, because of immoral and predatory laws, must arrest people dying of cancer for using a natural and life saving medication with almost no negative side-effects, will now leave them with:

1. No members.
2. No influence.

Jack Cole; you may now go and find himself a cause more suited to your pathetic and cowardly nature!

Comment by Legalize Drugs
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In case anyone is interested in reading LEAP's reasons for having to make this move, Jack Cole, the executive director, posted an explanation here:

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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I read the LEAP statement on why. Brad went a bit overboard in his declaration when he posted online as a LEAP member. 

 Brad has now most likely put his job on the line & may have caused others of his mind set, which I totally support & commend, think twice about doing the same. 

From what I gathered from the LEAP statement, they had no problem with Brad being discrete. But blasting his intentions over the net IMO was not a wise thing to do. He then placed LEAP, by saying in his E mail he was a member, in a precarious position. Remember, LEAP & other anti drug war warriors have to deal with a Reefer Madness brainwashed public.& political leaders who vote & respond to voters.

Brad has the right idea. Thank you Mr. Jardis for your courage! I would only say, respectfully, that perhaps in some situations, discretion is the better part of valor.  

 I say please reconsider before leaving LEAP. Give this situation a 2nd thought & reconsider both sides. We are making progress & perhaps it is best if we stick together.  There may be room for other organizations like LEAP. If any are formed please strive to stand together.








Comment by Ben Nichols
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Via Ian of Free Talk Live: "An SC cop called FTL after we announced the news and pledged he'd be quitting LEAP this week over what they have done to Brad.  He is going to let them know why when he quits, too."

I have heard that there are a lot of LEAP members who are doing the same. Hopefully Brad and the others will start something new.  

There is already talk going around of names for a new group. Read others ideas, or share your own over at the Free Keene forum.#msg27097

Comment by Nick Barnett
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Jet, you're doing a great job on the show. I usually cringe when a guest host is on any other show, but you are not one of them. I particularly like when you get a round table going on issues. 

And as far as LEAP goes... very disappointing. I wonder what the Oath Keepers would have to say on this? Are there any OK LEAP members out there?

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Dude, thanks for posting this...and as always, you rock!  I will be discussing this today on "Declare Your Independence mostly with Jet Lacey but with Occasional Guest Host Ernest Hancock."