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Can Barack Hussein Obama save his Presidency?

• Buffalohair Gazette International
My answer to this trillion dollar question is yes he can, but there are some deep changes that must talk place in order to win back the hearts of this nation. The very first thing he must do is fire all his advisors and say nyet to the globalization scam. It is more than clear his handlers mistook the pulse of this nation by pushing the most radically unconstitutional agenda in US history. Bordering on treason, Barack’s presidency was wracked with unconstitutional, if not criminal, objectives. Climategate was one of them. The Healthcare initiative was only a smoke screen since it only involved several hundred billion bucks. Trillions were going out the back door while we argued over pennies in comparison. Like an onion investigators within the United Nations itself are discovering volumes of bogus, inaccurate and fabricated data that has plunged nations into financial chaos. Don’t forget all the e-mails by crooked scientists who deliberately misled the public. California was a mic

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Comment by KDK Klein (24967)
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LOL... Winning the hearts deals with manipulation of facts, lies, propaganda and censorship.  He never had anything worthy, only a con-man cheap talker that many fell for.  He is BACKED by big money... didn't he raise more money than any other president?  It wasn't the avg joe either, as has been promoted... it was LAW firms and other BSers.. along with his buddies Ayers, etc., and their buddies.


bho is a loser and when he is exposed the world will be a better place.  I think bushy should be in jail also, but the corruption and lies and manipulation MUST end so I can live MY life as a human on this planet without a master... or masters.

Comment by Lola Flores (20562)
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 I'd say Yes, particularly now, that corporations can openly buy presidential candidates.

Comment by Joseph Klein (10533)
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Of, course! All Soetoro/Obama needs to do is to restore the confidence of the citizenry is to furnish the proof that he is Constitutionally-qualified to hold the job of president and commander-in-chief of our armed forces! Simple to do, easily to do, and yet, so far Barry refuses to do! First, he needs ) remove the doubt that he is legitimate, then, at least he won't be treated as an enemy combatant or, infinitely worse, a traitor! A good first step (if he's legitimate.) to saving the POTUS!