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The Scientific Case for Intelligent Design – Darwinism Debunked

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What a sad, sad world it must be for those who cannot see the intelligence that created the world we live in. To look at the intricate beauty of life all around us down to the smallest microbe, and not see that there is an intelligence far superior to our own involved in its creation is very sad, indeed. 

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Comment by Dracula Tepish (19316)
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as for the one who keeps changing his name is so sad you are pathetic 

when YHWH DOES EXIST but for you are totally lost are beyond redemption

for the day of judgement you be judged as a two minded person and damned for all time idiot

Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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The bottom line answer against evolution is this: there must be "random" for evolution to exist.

Everything that we observe in the universe operates by cause and effect, action and reaction. All things happen because something caused them to happen. And all the causes were caused by other causes.

The Universe is extremely complicated. ALL of our science and "advancement" come from examples we see happening in the Universe. And we only understand a tiny fraction of all the things that exist.

Now, somebody wants to tell us that our existence was an accident caused by random effects in a Universe that operates 100% by cause and effect? Get real.

The idea of Evolution is simply a device being used by a bunch of jokers who are too ignorant to see that the only strength that they might ever hope to have lies in how well they can deceive others into believing that something as foolish as Evolution really exists.

Comment by Dracula Tepish (19316)
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are you saying you are evolved from a monkey its bad enough creatures like you are so blind to the truth one day you will experience the truth the one celled creature has a minature motor that is a electric and you say it has come from chemicals the problem is this the odds are to high for that to happen over i think was 100**100 power which is impossible even though my math is over estimated if a creation is real then darwin is a cromag which was a false ideology creation is a real event life was created since darwin stole somebody elses research and that is a proven fact he do anything and he was a hater of other human types a racist for which he was part of theosophist group that is called eugenics though a lady called madam blavosky so you are a communist and hate all life forms gee that means you are a racist huh

Comment by Dracula Tepish (19316)
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to the evolutionist seems to think that chemicals can just throw themselves together and wallah there life wrong the odds are against it you idiot moron its like this look at the macro motor on this small microbe its a electric engine a device like this cannot be evolved or computers can evolve which cannot happen its a somebody to design and create it from nothing guess you fell out of the tree and probly look like a chimp feel sorrow for your parents seeing that they will have to take you back to the zoo or the forest where you originated from better go and hide its going to hunting season soon

Comment by TL Winslow (21344)
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"What a sad, sad world it must be for someone who walks around talking to an imaginary friend who's invisible, lives in the sky, and supposedly created the universe by 'magic'!"

And how equally sad that scientists think they have a Cosmoscope that can peer back into Time when they can only use the Universe as it is now as evidence and make up theories. :)

Faith in God is ultimately unassailable when it is realized that Science has been discovering that everything in the Universe operates via programs and information processing machines, hence it must all be part of a giant program inside God's mind, and as "objects" inside the program, we can't expect to ever see "evidence" of the computer, but have to either decide that we created ourselves in some recursive manner in an unviewable Past, or accept the existence of an unseen programmer that is above Time :) That still doesn't clear the Bible and its many problems.

Comment by Anonymous ()
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 Please read my comments below on science and the scientific method.

Evolution is a "true" theory insofar that it is a theory that exists.

ID is a "true" theory insofar that it is a theory that exists.

Neither of the above are scientific theories.  Neither of the above are scientifically proven.  Neither of the above can be science or scientifically proven - EVER.

Anyone who asserts otherwise is a religionist since they do not know nor care about science nor the scientific method.  Once again, refer to the explaination of science and the scientific method below.\

One's opinion on the matter is logically irrelevant in the light of science and compared to the scientific method.

I know this is hard for a lot of evolutionist believers to understand.  But they are no less religionist than ID believers due to their complete misapprehension of science and the scientific method.

Comment by Sam Weathersby (5726)
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I recommend watching Ben Stein's 'Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed'. You will get a much better view of what is going on in the 'scientific' community. There is a lot of cover up going on up in there.   Darwin's hypothesis takes a lot of faith to believe given the lack of actual solid proof for it's veracity. There is not even enough evidence to raise it up a notch to make it a true theory.   SamFox
Comment by Anonymous ()
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Did I not just point out below that ID is not science?  Yes, I did.

Neither is evolution science.  Anyone who asserts otherwise is a religionist.  See the explanation of science and scientific method below.


Comment by Don Wills (14843)
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blank person - I don't need to "brush up on my science". I fully understand the scientific method. To paraphrase a famous line - I know when I see science, and my friends, ID is not science!

Comment by Anonymous ()
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Don et al., you need to brush up on your science.

"Science" is the discipline that applies the "scientific method" to discovery.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Representing it as anything other than that is a religious expression.

It can be boiled down to one sentence.

A scientific method consists of the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.

The four essential elements of scientific method are definition and measurement, hypothesis, predictions and experimentation.

If any one of the above 4 elements are missing, you are in the realm of subjective belief systems or religion.

Expirimation is used to create observations to test and measure your hypothesis in order to compare the results to the prediction.

Charles Darwin himself characterized "evolution" as not being scientific. 

Due to the fact that it is impossible to implement the 4 required elements of scientific method (specifically testing and obtaining test results to the hypothesis) to the theory of evolution, then ANY conclusions drawn regarding "evolution" must, therefore, be unscientific or scientifically inconclusive.

The same applies to "intelligent design."

There's nothing to debate here.  One's subjective opinion is logically irrelevant in the light of the logic of science and the scientific method.


Comment by Barbara Peterson (10994)
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The scientists on the video do not espouse any religious faith. They simply acknowledge intelligent design in creation rather than accepting the doctrine of random chance in the scheme of things. Much like looking at a Da Vinci painting and understanding that it was not created by random blobs of paint, but by a highly talented painter. 

Comment by Don Wills (14843)
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Using the word "scientific" in the same sentence as "intelligent design" is a complete bastardization of the English language. Intelligent design is about faith, not science. Faith and science, two diametrically opposed approaches to explaining the world around us, have absolutely nothing in common with each other.

Individuals are of course free to choose whatever world view they want. My choice is science, a well established system of deductive and rational procedures that is the primary reason mankind has advanced beyond 12th century self-sufficiency farming. Science is the system that has produced a much better life for my family than faith ever did. Inventions like antibiotics, airplanes and the computer I'm typing on are just a few of the things that science has produced that make life much more enjoyable than what my ancestors endured. I'll go with science any day over a blind faith that my consciousness will survive my death when I'll go to a place in the sky where my deceased loved ones reside with angels and a white bearded all powerful dude. I do empathize with those who choose faith over science though - the fear of death is a very powerful driving force in the psyche of man.

Comment by G Cone (18695)
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What a sad, sad world it must be for someone who walks around talking to an imaginary friend who's invisible, lives in the sky, and supposedly created the universe by 'magic'!