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In State of the Union, Obama finally clocks in for job creation

Absorbed as he has been by healthcare reform and other long-range priorities, the president has had to admit that he must now zero in on economic growth. 
Yes, he had pledged private-market jobs since entering the White House a year ago. But he hasn’t delivered much that's visible to the American people. Unemployment remains stuck above 10 percent – 2 points higher than he planned when he signed the $787 billion stimulus package last spring. More than 15 million Americans remain out of work since the recession began in late 2007. 
Opinion polls and a surprise Senate election result in Massachusetts have spoken loudly to a humbled president who has had to hit his reset button.
The massive federal spending for an economic recovery has mainly kept workers on the job in state and local governments. Twice last year, Congress rejected the one job-creating idea that Obama has championed since his 2008 presidential campaign: tax benefits for small businesses that hire new workers.

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 Oh, really?  How come he had his fingers crossed behind his back while he was delivering the speech then?

Comment by Anonymous
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           As usual,  Obama’s  State of the Union Address is characterized by lies. In percentage, the lies increased by leaps and bounds. Highlighted in his elongated speech was the cost to ordinary Americans like me of Medicare which he claims has gone down and health insurance premium is not skyrocketing since he took office.  Before he took office, I was paying $40 for HMO [joint Medicare-private insurance  coverage, re, Secure Horizon] monthly premium, and now it is $75. That makes his speech 53.33% false.  I now pay $35 co-pay to my eye doctor under  the same  healthcare coverage when it used to be only $20 per visit.  That too makes his speech 57% incorrect.  What I liked about his speech though was when he lectured Congress on corruption and the Justices of the Supreme Court present, of their stupidity.  For and in behalf of the angry American people, Obama wanted corrupted Tongressmen and Senators whose excuse in the Senate was only to run for president, to work for the interest of the masses that elected them to office instead of what powerful lobbyists wanted them to do.  He lambasted Justices of the Supreme Court for handing down their recent stupid landmark decision allowing unlimited amount of lobby money for politicians running for public office under the principle of free expression.  Justices was stone silent in their seats, while applause rocked the Chamber.  I understand their embarrassment.

 Obama chastised members of Congress present of corrupting the system by receiving money from lobbyists under the table to pass legislations powerful businesses want, so he wanted every Tongressman and Senator to disclose how much money they receive, from whom and for what purpose so that there will be transparency in Congress that the people want.

 Mark this: all Democrats and several Republicans stood up in standing ovation!  This I don’t understand. Are they that thick-skinned or so shameless when castigated and exposed as a bunch of corrupt politicians?