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Ushering In The New World Order

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What was supposed to be the State of the Union Address turned into a partisan attack on the Republican Party and the Supreme Court last night when Barack Obama lashed out at his dissenters. He used the podium to continue to stump for his Healthcare and criminally flawed environmental agendas in an act of defiance. “I don’t quit” was the apparent theme and true to form he continued his campaign rhetoric about helping the middle class. Except for the jabs he made, this so called State of the Union Address sounded like other more eloquent speeches he’s made during his unending campaign, writhe with promises and false hopes, again. Noticeably he was pandering to the crowd about Bank reforms but he failed to mention how he and Gordon Brown wanted to impose taxes and control banks internationally. This scheme would take banks and financial concerns out of the hands of sovereign nations and into the hands of a small group of corporatists with no national loyalties. Banking on the fears of

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 There just is so much wrong with those 3 1/2 lines up there.  I couldn't stop from hurling if I read any more than the preview

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