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City of Phoenix details plan for drastic cutbacks

The Police Department would lose about 353 sworn positions, from patrol officers to assistant chiefs. The Fire Department would cut 144 sworn jobs. The cuts represent about 18 percent of the total sworn police and fire force.

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Comment by Anonymous
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 Question by: D S 
>> How is the government obligated to provide Safety, Water, and Sanitation? Isn't that just another slippery slope?

When a collected group of people with like problems of survival generate a system to address those problems it is called 'government'.  The most usual problem addressed is safety; a police department, fire depart, military, etc., that serve to protect the people while they go about their business of living.  Because the city does not allow individuals to drill their own water wells (picture 3 million wells), and for the individual to provid run-off and sewage is impossible over such a large area, the 'government' obligates itself to provide those things for the people.  And who would count on three million individuals hauling their trash off every week to the dump?  

That the government will try to take over more and more is always a fact and a real problem the people must watch out for - and usually don't - thus the goverment controls more and more of their lives; until the people turn on the government they've created and allowed to get out of hand.

Comment by D S
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@Temper Bay: How is the government obligated to provide Safety, Water, and Sanitation? Isn't that just another slippery slope?

Comment by Gene Kernan
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Finally!  Cause for celebration (assuming it's true)!  Now, for Mar-Arpaio County...

Comment by Lola Flores
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 If that what it takes to de-police the state then, it can't be all that bad

Comment by Freed Radical
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Stop the drug war, layoff 1/3 of the cops that enforce this bullshit, set all the non-violent drug offenders free, and close down 1/3 of the prisons. Layoff 1/3 of the judges and persecutors. Or just close all the government skools--Either or both works for me. Budget balanced--Problem solved!


Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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If it were only true but this is TOTAL AND COMPLETE BULLSHIT....this is why they put the police and Fire in the General Fund. TO SCARE PEOPLE.

Why would they buy over 300 police cruisers and not have officers in them.....

They received the money to buy the vehicles and to hire the officers through the Stimulus package. The people in the City Council are out right liars and I will call them out on this bullshit.


Comment by Anonymous
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 Maybe a handful of police positions will be lost.  Not a chance we'll lose 300+.  Not a chance.

This is posturing for tax increases on the next city election ballot.

It's standard operating procedure.  Either vote for more spending and tax increases or we'll shut the schools and open the prison doors.  Ambulances will stop running and everyone will die.

Don't buy into it.  Stay strong.

Comment by Anonymous
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Terror Tactics 101 for the sheeple; scare them enough they'll accept new and increased taxes and not notice Government waste.

The Governments obligations are; Safety - Water - Sanitation.  ALL ELSE out the door and gone before you cut those primary three - including the salaries of local politicians and bureaucrats.  

The plus side is that crime may possible drop.  It's happened before.