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Australia Bans Small Breasted Pornography

• SodaHead
Just when you thought that extremist knee jerk fear based reactions to non existent threats were something only the Northern Hemisphere got into, Australia has banned adult material with small breasted women in it, fearing that filthy pedophiles will gain enjoyment from it. 

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Comment by Jet Lacey
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Well I say it's about time.  If you know anything about Aussie culture, you'd realize that, in Australia, they like their Sheila's "lady bits" to in adequate proportions.  Otherwise you look like some kind of poofter. 

Get with the program, Mate.      

Comment by Found Zero
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I think they have to watch out for small breasted men too. We generally want really old people with really big, saggy breasts. That will work until it starts an outbreak of octegenariophiles.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Thank god for small miracles! Imagine the tragedy if they would have banned big breasted pornography

Comment by Found Zero
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Is the silicon implant industry lobby so powerful in Australia?

If this idea comes to America I recommend we ban all small breasted women from public office and any job which brings them into contact with the public. You know because some perv might be looking at them.

And to really tell, in an objective sense, which breasts are too small and thus exclude the....uh....bearer from public life, we're gonna basically need somebody to cop a feel.

An assignement I naturally consider myself qualified for. The security and well being of the nation at stake, I offer my services.