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Adam Kokesh Birthday Bomb, February 1st 2010

• KokeshForCongress
We have an amazing and expanding volunteer base, but our funds aren't increasing quickly enough to support them.
This is why we're counting on our generous grassroots supporters to give us the monetary support we need to ensure Adam is on the ballot.  By donating $100 on Adam's Birthday, you will be sponsoring a delegate and allowing them to go to their county convention and the state convention without bearing the full burden of the costs.  
We can't stress how important it is to have the funds necessary to bring delegates in, and how much you will be helping us by donating. With your permission, we will post your name on our website as a "Delegate Sponsor."
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On February 1st, 1865, the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution officially ended slavery in the United States. 145 years later, we are in many ways less free than we were then. Abolitionists won the debate that no human being should be allowed to own another. Now we have ceded the right to self-ownership they asserted to a government that behaves like it owns us, rather than serves us.

Although no longer celebrated with the enthusiasm it once garnered, February 1st is National Freedom Day. It might not be a coincidence that February 1st is also Adam's birthday. This February 1st we will mark National Freedom Day with a money bomb for the Kokesh for Congress campaign. This campaign is only possible because of the support of numerous small donors throughout the country who are stepping up to support a candidate who gets no money from lobbyists.

Please do what you can to help promote this event and come back and donate on February 1st. You can join the facebook group and RSVP to the event, then invite your friends. You can make a video supporting the Birthday Bomb and we'll post it on this page with the other videos below. You can share these videos with friends by email or social networking sites. You can put one of the banners below on your website or profile. But of course, these are just suggestions, and we're sure you have some even better ideas! This is the freedom movement, after all, and if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right!
This is also the last day of the "Real Money Bomb" so you can send in gold and silver instead of Federal Reserve Notes!

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